This page contains examples of the different levels of Self-Defense techniques of Shinobi-Defense Force (SDF).

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Comparison of Technique and Style:

Level One Techniques:

Level One Techniques includes: basic movements, combinations of techniques, two person training methods,  break-a-ways,  speed training,  power training, movement and positioning drills,  body hardening drills and methods.


TWO PERSON BASIC FORM: Fast way to learning blocks, punching kicks, and movement

BLOCKING DRILL: Improve Speed, Harden Arms

SIX POSITION DRILL:  Increases Movement, Timing, Distance and great for practicing technique

BREAK-A-WAYS:  Wrist Holds




Body shifting to create openings

Level Two Self-Defense Techniques:

Level Two Techniques  is a very large section that contains information on joint techniques; in 75 to 80% of all real self-defense situation close-in-fighting skills are necessary.


Weapon Self-Defense Techniques:

Finger locks

Wrist Locks

Elbow Locks

BASIC: Self-Defense Weapons:

Tanbo: Basic Blocking

Tanbo: Basic Striking

Tanbo: Basic Trapping


Intermediate Self-Defense Techniques:

Arm Bar technique 1 Three point Arm Bar technique.

Arm Bar technique 1 Arm Bar technique from 2 wrist grab.

Counter technique 1  Wrapping counter technique for arm bar

Counter technique 2  Pull out and twisting counter for arm bar

Defend and Attack Simultaneously

Level Three Self-Defense Techniques:

Level Three Techniques includes three in one techniques, blocking as attacks,  pressure and push points,  power training,  speed training, sweeps and take-downs.


Three in One Techniques

Technique One Front punch attack

Pressure Points

Technique One Point Blocking with power

Technique Two Point Blocking with Strikes and body shifting

Level Four Self-Defense Techniques:

Level Four Techniques includes reversals to grappling techniques, 2 foot and 4 foot staff techniques.


Technique One: Tanbo against Knife Attack

Technique Two: Jo against Knife Attack

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