Step 3: Required Reading

Step three in becoming a Master Ninshi of the Musashi Nishidan International Clan:

The principals of Gorin is one of the corner stones of the Ninshido.

There are 5 principals that are very unique and based on the 5 elements of:  Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Ku

These principals are unique to Ninshido and they are kept secret. Once you have studied and have the ability to apply these principles, then you be able to meet the leaders of the clan and become a Master Ninshi!

Once you are a Master Ninshi, you are allow to start your own focus group or martial art organization or “Ha”

There are many Many Master Ninshi that have started their own dojo / group and have the authority to give martial art rank and title. Of course, martial art experience is necessary in order to do so.  This experience can be from all areas of martial art training. Including Koryu and Gendai arts.

The annual fee to have a Dojo License is $50 USD