Membership and Dojo License

Membership Fee:

Once you have completed your assignments and wish to be a member, there is a annual fee that is paid to the Ninshidan NPO in Tokyo. The Fee is approximately $25.00 USD


Dojo License / Ninshidan Level Ha:

Once you have become a member of the Ninshidan you are considered a master. You are then able to establish your own program to teach your skills. These skill include martial arts. As you are a Ninshidan Master – you are similar to a Samurai that has many skills that you have learned and you are always improving and adding more skills.  With these skills, you may be asked from time to time to teach these skills to the public.  You will use you Shinobi name and add the “Ha” to the end to form the name of your dojo or style of martial art if that is you skill set. The annual fee for a Dojo License / “Ha” from Ninshidan NPO in Tokyo is $50 USD

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