Training Program:

Overview: Ranks 5th Kyu to and for Shodan (1st Dan)

Shinobi Defense Force provides a correspondence course training for the ranks of:

Rank                                         Classification                                       Time in Grade

  • 5th Kyu:  Green Belt II         Shinobi Defense Force – Student           1 month
  • 4th Kyu:  Green Belt I          Shinobi Defense Force – Student            1 month
  • 3rd Kyu:  Brown Belt III      Shinobi Defense Force – Student            2 months
  • 2nd Kyu:  Brown Belt II       Shinobi Defense Force – Student            2 months
  • 1st Kyu:   Brown Belt I          Shinobi Defense Force – Student            3 months
  • 1st Dan:   Black Belt: I           SDF Self-Defense Instructor                   6 months

Program highlights:    Every student will complete an outline of assigned research and training routine for each belt rank.  The training program and research includes: Self-Defense, Survival Training and  Surveillance Knowledge. Testing will be written or live video.


  • Age: Minimum age to start: age 12,  Parents permission is required to legal age
  • Prior training: no previous training required

Advance Training:

Advanced training is done is modules and individually designed for each student. There are certain areas of concentration including but not limited to:

  • Martial arts: Jujutsu, Taijutsu, Aiki-jutsu, Kendo, Kenjutsu, Archery (Kudo), Horsemanship (Bajutsu). Battojutsu, plus Ninjutsu skills.
  • Surveillance: including; evasive or diversion psychology, manipulation tactics, observation technology etc.
  • Survival Skills: doomsday preparedness, sourcing food and medicine etc.