There are many secret ninjas in Japan and throughout the world. These people travel and live unnoticed. They do not seek fame or glory; they live in the shadows and are ready to help others or to document unlawful activities or provide strategic information. In addition, they provide training to others to maintain a healthy and safe community. These Shinobi’s are called In’nin. In’nins are the core of the Shinobi Night Watch.

Prime Directive of the Shinobi Defense Force is to give to the community without being noticed. We strive to serve and to learn a philosophy that was started with the Shinobi Samurai several hundred years ago. This philosophy is call Ninshido it is stronger than Bushido and it is a community of Master Ninshi.

The philosophy of the Musashi Clan and that of Ninshido. It is an all encompassing group that instills a philosophy of fairness, peace and harmony. The group is a mixture of people with different cultures, languages and religions. There are people with high IQ and some that struggle to use more than 3 syllable words. We do not look down on others but try to lift them up.  Martial art is only one area on a vast spectrum of individual achievements. Ninshido involves giving credit to those that achieve greatness from the abilities that they are given. We strive to help others without taking credit. We hide in the shadows and wait to help with kindness and understanding. We show empathy in many ways. Every member is on a path to becoming better than they were the day before. Some are on the first steps of this path and may seem to be moving slowly in the concepts that have been taught. Others seem to have been born with the gifts that Ninshido tries to instill.

The goal of the Shinobi Defense Force is simple:  “to help others in times of need”  – as Shinobi, we don’t look for acceptance, achievement, or glory.  If we had more than one motto, one would be “We have your back”.  This may seem a lofty goal. But it has to start with one and then two and build from there.  As a member of the Shinobi Defense Force, you are the one to stand up in times of need in your community. You do what is necessary to get people motivated to help. No matter how little or how big. You may call your friends and say to them that I have a neighbor that needs help with yard work. Or you may get people involved to fill sandbags during a flood. You may work alone to find a neighbor’s lost dog.  It is all the  small things and the big things that a Shinobi Defense Force member can do to be involved in their community.

As a group, we try to get prepared in learning skills that will be needed. Many are martial artists, so teaching free self-defense courses is a given. Helping is a senior center by offering a fitness class.
Shinobi Defense Force members can grow with the group and learn the ways of the clan and if they want to expand their knowledge in martial arts, that too is available.

The top level of the Shionbi Defense Force is  called the SDF Night Watch.  These are elite members that have been instrumental in helping others and in learning skills. They have expanded the group by bringing in more members and having training sessions in their area. They have practice sessions where they look for lost individuals or in using technology for additional skills.