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江戸隠密武蔵一族 公式チャンネル
Official Channel of the Order of Musashi ShinobiSamurai
The Order started with a number of families with samurai lineage; the Shibatas and their kins whose ancestors used to train and lead shinobinomono in Mikawa and Iga during the feudal times. They were requested by Hattori Hanzo to escort his lord Tokugawa Ieyasu to safety after the Honnoji Temple Incident in 1582.
The Shibatas and their relatives became retainers of Tokugawa Ieyasu and moved to Musashi area and served the Shogunate for 265 years. With their dual cultures of bushi and shinobi, they were recognised as shinobisamurai. They guarded the shogun’s private quarters in addition to working as intelligence operatives namely onmitsu and metsuke.
In 1868 they formed the order of ninshi (shinobisamurai). Today, the order has become a small think and do tank following their samurai ancestors’ way to walk the path to Ku: Harmony.
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