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Intonjutsu 隠遁術

Inton-jutsu at the Shinobi Defense Force: Intonjutsu (隠遁術) are methods of escape and concealment. Intonjutsu […]

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Spies and Assassins

Abstract This thesis explores the possibility of a connection between the Shinobi of Japan and […]

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UN Agenda

    STORY AT-A-GLANCE We Will Be Sacrificed for Global Standardization of Systems Analysis by […]

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On this date 11/5/2022 J. Alaric Justice of the Shinobi Defense Force – Night Watch […]

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Portable Soup

Portable Soup: How to Make and Store It for Emergencies Portable Soup was the 18th […]

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News Alert

WASHINGTON —  FBI Director Christopher Wray said on Thursday that he remains worried about the […]

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Chikara Hayate

Shibata-ryu Koryu Jujutsu at Chikara-Ha 6th Dan – Kyoshi From Zagreb, Croatia Training Videos  

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Hydration Hacks

Drinking water is wellness 101, with hydration supporting important things throughout the body like brain […]

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Street Safe

I just wanted to share a real-life Shinobi Defense Force activity i conducted last night. […]

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Musashi Shibata-ryu Aikite Bujutsu: Training is exclusively for Musashi Shinobi Samurai NPO and Clan members:  […]